Wearing many hats…

Travis Heights Art Trail was a success and I learned so much. I am so grateful to all who came out to support us! I will definitely do it again next year. Hope to see you!

And now ZOOOOOM past a West Elm Pop-Up, the holidays and now it’s almost February. Wow! And so, I am happy to announce that I will participate with a group of neighborhood artists–who also happen to be moms–to be part of WEST (West Austin Studio Tour, May 12-13 & May 21-22). More specific details will come soon.

In the meantime, as a self-employed artist, I have to wear many hats. And today, it was photographer to create some portfolio and web images. Set up the light box, stage the pots, take the photos and tweak them in Photoshop. I call it “Post-physical production. Pre-digital production”. Or hashtag computersandclay.

While I would love to just make pots all day, this will all be for naught if I don’t document, see my progress and most of all, push myself out of my comfort zone by sharing it to all. This creative process is scary, Man. Please be kind.



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